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A Cuckold Story; How I Became A Cuckoldress

Posted in cuckold story, free cuckold stories, hot wife stories, interracial cuckold stories with tags , , , on September 2, 2009 by sophiam79

Hi there and welcome to my cuckold story blog, firstly I’d like to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about myself.

My name is Sophia and I’m a cuckoldress living in California, CA. I’m 30 years old this year and I’ve been cuckolding my now husband but then boyfriend for the past 10 years. Yes! I started young, not hard when you’re surrounded by so many lush black men in Cali.

In my last year of high school, I noticed a distinct difference between the boys I had been dating at the time. The black guys were always much larger! And I’m not just talking about their cocks, well maybe I am!

In fact, my first 2 boyfriends were black, so when I first had sex with a white guy, I was a little disappointed not to get the size I had grown quite accustomed too. I figured perhaps it was just him but it was always the same deal with every white guy I went out with after that.

This grew quite frustrating for me, and even though they were the sweetest guys, I would always wind up in bed with one of my ex black boyfriends. They could just hit the spot like the white guys couldn’t, and it wasn’t just the size of their cock, it was the way they made love to me as well.

Early on in college I met my husband to be. He swept me right off my feet and was so fit and athletic as well as being quite intelligent. He was a shy guy but once I got to know him, he treated me like his queen and still does to this day.

I really thought I had it made, that was until the first time we had sex. My dear husband Jacob, as much as I love him, has a very small penis. We both laugh about it to this day when he came straight away.

He was different to all the other guys so I still wanted to pursue a relationship with him despite his err.. shortcomings. My sexual frustration was starting to grow at this point as I tried to remain faithful to him, I didn’t want to hurt him as I was now in love with him.

One day Jacob sat me down and wanted to get everything out in the open. He knew I had an eye for the black men around campus and wanted to let me know he was OK with me pursuing them as long as it was purely physical only and we would maintain out close emotional bond.

It really says a lot about his character and it’s why I still love him very much to this day. We would go on dates and at the time; I was still allowing him to have sex with me.

After he would walk me back to my dorm, I’d call over Jamal (who was as black as the ace of spades) and we would do our thing. I’m not sure what ever happened to him, but he would keep me up all night. I use to worship this guys black cock it was that good.

Jacob would always ask me what I did with him and slowly over time this developed into Jacob playing the role of a cuckold. We always kept it a secret so that our friends would not find out, and at that time Jacob was never around while I was having sex with my black lovers like I do these days.

I hope you liked my cuckold story about how I got started as a cuckoldress and hope you will come back to read more of my adventures as I go into detail about them.